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It was a slow day, with rain stopping the play at the US Open. As a result I managed to watch the entire movie. And it can be summed up as: unfunny trash, garbage and total waste of time! Throughout the entire movie I was thinking how could the actors be part of it and not realize how utterly bad this was? Not one joke was funny.

And I do not mean "laughing out loud" funny.

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Not even "a chuckle" funny. If children indulged in that sort of spectacle, maybe one could forgive them.

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But watching adults, hopefully conscious adults, in this trash defies all explanations. I don't care how much they were paid. Showing the the world that you can lower your standards to this, just to be paid, is demeaning. This movie is a proof that mind altering drug use is rampant in Hollywood, as I can't imagine anybody with clear mind reading the script and thinking that this is a movie they wish to make and have their names associated with.

Petey 10 December Marshal "Dick" Dix is a master of getting himself in awkward situations. He is then sent to moon base called Vegan to safe the situation. He is helped by the attractive Cassandra Menage. Leslie Nielsen is very funny as Dix. Peter Egan is very good as Dr.

Griffin Pratt. Damian Mason does terrific job as Clinton. Ezio Greggio is great as Capt. Valentino DiPasquale. Michel Perron gives a great portrayal of Luciano Pavarotti.

Same thing with Teresa Barnwell as Hillary Clinton. Recently we lost this great comedian, Leslie Nielsen. He could make any film slightly bit better. Without him this would be a much worse film. Many people call this a total turkey, but I'm not one of those people. It made me laugh a few times watching Leslie causing a riot in outer space and on Earth.

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The terrorist hostage situation in the beginning reminds a bit of The Naked Gun. And it's quite hilarious when he makes a mess at the villain's office, destroying his Vegan model and spreads paint all over the place. The Three Tenors at the end were hilarious. Leslie Nielsen, I raise my hat to thee. I'm quite a fan of Mr. The 'Naked Gun' series are of course never-dying classics, 'Spy Hard' was hilarious and the more recent 'Wrongfully Accused' was a worthy addition to this great line of films.

But now there's 'A Space Travesty', which was a great dissapointment starting from the first minute. Most of the jokes are just getting old and the film lacks a decent storyline. If it hadn't cost me money to rent it, I probably wouldn't have even finished it. I'm very sorry, but if this is the best our gray genius yes, he really IS a genius : can come up with nowadays then I'm afraid his days will be over very soon.

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Perhaps Nielsen's lowest point Wizard-8 20 May When Leslie Nielsen became a hot star overnight after "The Naked Gun", he didn't forget his Canadian origins, taking breaks from starring in big budget American movies to star in Canadian projects, this being one of them. But considering how awful those Canadian projects were, he would have been better off forgetting about loyalty to one's country and just choosing the best projects offered regardless of their country of origin.

There is not one single joke in the movie that makes you laugh, smile, or even smirk a little. It seems to have been written by people who just saw one "spoof" movie in their lives, and not having any sense of what's funny and what's overkill. And it's directed in a manner that has no proper comic timing, and often plays in a confusing manner that takes you several seconds to figure out just what happened on screen. It's no wonder no American distributor picked this up for theatrical release and why it bombed so badly in its half-hearted Canadian theatrical release.

This is another spoof movie starring Leslie Nielsen, and I first heard of it a while ago, and knew it was obviously a sci-fi spoof. The title is derived from Stanley Kubrick's groundbreaking film, " A Space Odyssey", though this film is certainly not entirely a parody of that one. I've seen that particular Kubrick movie several times, but was not as impressed with it during my last viewing, in January Still, the title of this comedy, " A Space Travesty", was what brought it to my attention, since I obviously know where this title came from.

I could see that this was not one of Nielsen's popular spoofs, but after a while, and only about 24 hours after first watching "Airplane! While I didn't find it to be QUITE as bad as many others have maybe most other people who have seen in at some point in the past decade think it's worse than I do , I still thought it was a lousy attempt at comedy, so I can't defend it. Marshall "Dick" Dix is a clumsy detective who is informed that the President of the United States a nameless character, but obviously based on Bill Clinton is being held captive on a moon base called Vegan and has been replaced by a clone!

The detective is sent out of Earth's atmosphere to this moon base, on a mission to rescue the real president and find out who's responsible for the crime. He is accompanied on this mission by an officer named Cassandra Menage. Together, the two of them make it to Vegan, where they see that there are many beings around, both human and alien. Dix and Menage begin their inspection, which will obviously not be helped by Dix's clumsiness.

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After defeating the evil Dr. Griffin Pratt and his hoodlums in a fight, thanks largely to Menage's martial arts skills, the two inspectors escape from the moon and take the president with them. Back on Earth, Dix puts who he thinks is the real president back in the White House, but it turns out he has just replaced the real president with the clone!

Even though the detective has messed up, it's still up to him to save his home planet, so the mission which started with a trip to the moon now continues on Earth! The direction seems so rushed and unfocused, and so does Leslie Nielsen's narration. Unfortunately, the problems certainly don't end here. The movie is full of very juvenile and unfunny humour, and since it's a comedy, that's its main problem.

This already shows during the opening sequence and is featured in many other scenes, including the penis jokes about the main protagonist's name, Dix trying to use a spaceship toilet on the way to the moon just as the artificial gravity is turned off, a human on the moon coming out of the bathroom covered in alien waste, condoms which are found later in the film, etc. There are so many gags here which obviously took no comedic talent whatsoever to come up with! Not only does the toilet humour fail, so does the slapstick, with such occurrences as Dix accidentally making a huge mess during his inspection on Vegan.

The gags generally seem like they were just thrown in with very little or no thought put into them. In addition to that, the film also seemed too noisy to me. Unfortunately, with all this movie's flaws, it's most certainly a misfire. Leslie Nielsen's character here is like Lieutenant Frank Drebin, his character in the "Naked Gun" series they're both clumsy detectives , but if you're a fan of any or all of those movies, that certainly doesn't mean you're guaranteed to like this later spoof.

I remember one time when I was in high school, a student was banned from my school bus route after playing with a dildo during the ride home and giving the bus driver attitude when he told him to get off the bus. Not only did it not make me laugh, I may have had a slight headache while watching it, which the film didn't help.

If you've never watched this unpopular comedy, I strongly suggest you don't, whether you like Nielsen's comedy roles in general or not. I went to the video rental store looking for a mindless comedy to watch this weekend. I picked up this video and I said to myself, "hey, this one stars Leslie Nielsen, so I'll bet it's funny". Well, I'm glad I didn't take myself up on that bet. This film is NOT funny - it's just plain silly. The schtick is almost all slapstick, juvenile sex jokes or scatological in nature.

The words that would best describe this films humor would be sophomoric or inane. Oh, did I say sophomoric? Excuse me, but that would imply some level of sophistication and maturity. Leslie Nielsen hopefully doesn't need work this badly and should have said NO to this sorry waste of celluloid. I have to say that this is one of the worst comedies I've ever seen. A travesty? You betcha. Lament79 21 January This has to be in the running for "Worst Film Ever. But this You can plainly see Leslie Nielsen is very unhappy through-out the entire running time.

That glint in his eyes he normally has even in "Spy Hard" are replaced by visible frowns, almost as If he doesn't understand whats going on. He looks tired and short-tempered - a far cry from the Naked Gun films. I wanted to turn this film off after 6 minutes. Really, Its that bad.