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Thank you! These loom knitting videos help you get your yarn onto the loom.

LOOM KNIT – Learn the latest loom knitting techniques!

Loom Knit Cast On Overview with swatches. Loom Knit Cast On: E-wrap. Loom Knit Cast On: Adjustable. Loom Knit: Modified Drawstring Cast on. S Loom Chain Cast on: S loom with crochet hook. Loom Knit: Finish Cast on edge of scarf or panel.

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Sometimes Binding off is referred to as casting off. Loom Knit: Stretchy Bind Off no crochet or needle.

Loom Knit cast off Triple Rib Stitch bind off. This is a more rigid older bind-off Kristen used to used. She prefers the Stretchy Bind off for this stitch currently. Loom Knit cast off a twisted knit or single rib stitch. This is double knit. Stitches in loom knitting can vary in names; we have tried to write alternate names in the titles, as well as in the video, to address the multiple names for a stitch. How to Loom Knit: Knit k Stitch. How to Loom Knit: Purl p Stitch.

We are also looking to expand this category. Please contact us if you would like to knit up swatches. Loom Knitting: Decrease Figure 8 Stitch. Loom Knitting: Increase Figure 8 Stitch. These videos vary from calculations of formulas to set up your loom, to tips for general use or just discussion blogs.

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Fast Way to Finish yarn tails Weaving ends with Latch hook. Loom Knit Basics: Weave in extra yarn tail. Loom Knit: Kitchener Stitch or invisible stitch socks, panel, headband. Yarn — Make 3 strands from 1 ball Navajo technique CC.

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Loom Knit: Half Stitch technique or Cleaner garter edge on purl rows. Increase by 1 and Half Stitch or Cleaner garter edge purl. GoodKnitKisses Vlog talk on decrease crowns. The following loom knitting videos are patterns set to video. Play, pause and rewind as needed. We are much more patient doing things over and over on video at 3 am than regular teachers! Banded Beanie. Part 1: Banded Beanie with Decreased Crown. Part 2: Banded Beanie with Decreased Crown. Part 3: Banded Beanie with Decreased Crown.

Clapotis Lom Along Playlist videos Dew Drop Shawl loom along pattern on the AllnOne. Part 3 of 4 Loom Knit Mesh Bag — icord spool loom. Loom Knitting: Picot Petals — 12 point flower. Loom Knitting: Picot Star — 6 pointed flower. How to Loom Knit a Hat — Beginner baby beanie.


FREE -- Introduction. The Tools You Need to Get How to Cast On. Basic Stitches.

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How to Bind Off. Class Wrap-Up.

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Excellent video which shows exactly how to use the knitting loom and how to complete the individual stitches. June 20, Glad I purchased this class. It shows a variety of pattern stitches and how to work straight stitching as well. It is hard to find published info and instruction for loom knitting. Sure, there are info videos on the Internet for various loom techniques but this is clear, concise info all in 1 spot. You can see the work up close and clearly. March 24, What a wonderful and exciting class with a gentle, patient teacher.

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I have never done loom knitting before so this was marvelous to watch and learn all the new skills that come with this class. A brilliant teacher and Denise is a Master Loomer. Thank you for a very enjoying class which I will be watching over and over again. It's been a bit difficult watching a lot of YouTube videos to locate good ones that explain what I need to know as a beginner loom knitter. So I'm very happy to have this class on loom knitting, where I can easily find what I need to know and re-watch at any time.

I also appreciate that it includes instructions for several knitting stitches and techniques using patterns provided, beyond the essential knit and purl stitches. Camera was out of focus at least once, making me a bit dizzy, but it didn't last long.

Learn to Knit Cables on Looms

Overall, I highly recommend this class. Thank you. January 27, The video showing how to use the loom is very easy to understand. Now here is the "funny" part of the whole thing. I assumed that a loom was in my purchase and I kept waiting and watching the videos so that when the loom came I would know how to use it. No loom, days later I reviewed my purchase. Lo and behold!! I had only ordered the video and forgot to purchase the loom.